I’m not bothering to translate this so I made up my own story.

but that’s canon chie anyway
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Downward (theawesomedecepticon &bluecladhero)


He was pushed backwards, still dazed and hurting from the blow to the face. He tumbled back till his shell hit against the wall and he slumped down. Leo looked up and was startled by the scream, Star! He shook his head forcefully till the stars vanished from his eye sight. He saw the blood spray all over the ground and on to the wall. The man held his katana and was digging it into her shoulder, trying to slice her in two. He could hear the disgusting wet sounds as the blade dug into her skin. 

"No!" Leo pulled his wrist bands apart to grab the small tanto hidden inside. He rushed forward, nearly tripping as he did and elbowed the man in his cheek to surprise him. The man reeled back in pain but before he could recover Leo raised his blade and sliced the man’s neck. A fountain of blood immediately began to flow from the deep cut. The man let go of the blade and to his neck. He choked, gasping for air. Leo watched in horror, the tanto fell to the ground as he stepped back at what he had done. 

Blood covered his face, his wide eyes turned to Star and forcfully tried to focus on her as he listened to the choking nosies. “S-S-Star..” Leo stuttered. His hands shook around the hilt of his katana and winced. “S’ fault..oh no..” He quickly untied his mask and wrapped it close to the deep wound in her shoulder. He counted to three in his head and ripped the blade from her shoulder. 

Pain shot through the right side of her back and shoulder, forcing her to stay awake. The white hot sting of the sword slicing thought her flesh brought tears springing to her eyes. She struggled, trying to escape a painful that wasn’t leaving before falling to the ground. She couldn’t recall what happened after that, too scared to think rationally.

She heard her name being called in a pained voice, as if the person was struggling to speak. She lifted her face up to be greeted by the young teen. He looked scared, shaking like a leaf as he came up to her. Her eyelids felt like lead as she forced them open, determined to see what was going on around her.

But everything was blurry, forcing her to blink to clear her vision. Not that she could see much, but Leonardo is hovering above her as he reached out to grab something. ‘When did he take off his mask..' Eminence pain shot through her body. She didn't even try to stop the scream that tore from her chest, as the cold blade slid from her body.

Her body went limp, the cold with the pain was getting to her as she fell down to the ground. “Help..” She choked, tears spilling down her face. She had to get to the hospital. She reached with a shaking hand to her jacket pocket… It hurt to even move.

She pulled out the cell, bringing it up to her face. Her shakes got even more intense as she looked at her hand covered in blood, her finger painting gruesome red paint on her cell as she tries to dial nine one one.

You may talk. And I may listen. And miracles might happen.

Ernest Hemingway (via larmoyante)

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She puts her hands on either side of my face, and the room falls away. I have never gotten so lost in a kiss before.
And then, the space between us explodes. My heart keeps missing beats and my hands cannot bring her close enough to me. I taste her and realize I have been starving.
I have loved before, but it didn’t feel like this.
I have kissed before, but it didn’t burn me alive.
Maybe it lasts a minute, and maybe it’s an hour. All I know is that kiss, and how soft her skin is when it brushes against mine, and that even if I did not know it until now, I have been waiting for this person forever.

Jodi Picoult, Sing You Home (via larmoyante)

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TMNT 30th Anniversary Cover by Kevin Eastman, Simon Bisley, & Ryan Brown
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Victory Over Shredder
To honor the passing of Glenn McDuffie.
Created by Alberto Arni || FB
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